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April Poetry Picks

Guest rusticmonk86

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Guest rusticmonk86


Due to popular demand, a "Gabe's Poem Picks" thing is going to be here every month. Yep. Exciting, huh? I'm sure you can tell by my tone of word that I am very excited. A committee of people were asked to "guide" me through my picking. The committee and I had a lot of disagreements [and I'm sorry, Lisa, for tearing your wig] so I fired them and decided to put myself in charge.

For the Month of April:

1. Tragic Rabbit's "Homosexual Agenda" -- I think it's cute.

2. "Forever Yours" by Ryan Keith -- A deep love poem.

3. Gabriel Duncan's "I Found Myself on a Dirt Road" -- About meeting my birth mother.

4. Justyn's "The Little Brown Sparrow" -- Sad metaphor.

5. "All That Matters" by Pete -- Something to take the edge off.

Poems can be submitted by nominations.

Submissions should be sent to poetry-editor @awesomedude.com.

Subject: Submission [Your Name].

Please include a brief biography (see the bios already on the website for some ideas).

Submissions MUST be Text Files (.txt) or Microsoft Word Documents (.doc).

^ This is a very important rule. ^

You should get a reply within three days.


Gabriel Duncan

Poetry Editor

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