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Hangin by Codey


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by Codey

Sittin out in the back yard,

under the trees,

just hangin out

enjoyin the breeze.

Laffin and jokin,

livin lives with no clue,

but anyway plannin

the things we might do.

Watchin fireflies flicker,

all's peaceful and right,

just hangin with friends

on a warm summer night.

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Now that sounds like the life.

Living lives with no clue? -- Half the world, half the time; maybe me, from time to time.

A nice, light-hearted poem for the start of spring and summer.

Time for shorts, flip-flops, iced tea and lemonade.

...and citronella candles for the skeeters...

* apologies to any Skeeters out there in web-land.

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