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I AM, by TR

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I Am

I am the choctaw with his hand out, entreating

I am the old chinaman, head bowed, shuffling

I am the black boy watching you with narrowed eyes

I am the hard-faced latina in skirts much too tight

I am the city, I stare at you

I touch you at every turn

Feel me

See me

Hear me

For I speak to you, in multi colors, many languages

I reach out to take your time, your smile, your wallet

I eat your bread and ask for more, then step aside

Mindful of my place, your space, our misplaced selves

I am your people, moving masses

Shoving, loving, living, leaving

Feel me

See me

Speak to me

I am lonely, alone in common crowds, on huddled corners

I have no time, no time at all, my sands rush out, run out

I am empty; in my belly, my heart, within my aching soul

I cast down my eyes, yet long to look, to touch, to feel

I am your shadow, your silent self

I am your brother, your sister

See me

Know me

Hear my cry

Hand out, I beg of you, you have so much and I so little

Take the time, take words, my heart, my coins, my flesh

Swallow me whole like a bitter pill, a dose of humankind

I am your brother, your other, your mirror self, your breed

I am your children, your mother, your father

I am your future, your past, mistakes and all

Feel me

Know me

And then walk on


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Hey, good job, TR. Hmm, brotherhood of mankind, huddled masses yearning to break free... and quite a few other strong statements in there.

Social currents running in opposite directions, toward solution and dissolution, justice and injustice....

Yet I think you have hope, not quite expressed in there, for better.

I really like this one, very strong and assured.

Huh, and I think you just gave me the idea for a poem. Many thanks.

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