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Dancing with Mariah, by Codey


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Dancing With Mariah

by Codey

Swinging and swaying, in graceful dance.

Random movement, as if by chance.

Waving to angels as clouds fly by,

whispering wisdom in barely a sigh.

Roaring in anger at things unjust,

obscuring vision with clouds of dust.

Caressing bare skin, pale and ashen,

then moving on, feeling no passion.

Moving unseen in darkness or light,

illusive and hidden as a woodland sprite.

Surrounding all but seen by none,

the proof of your passing is what you have done.

Sometimes harsh, cold, unforgiving,

other times warm, comforting the living.

All this encompassed in cosmic blend

are things that I see, when watching the wind.

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Codey's put more in here than you might see on the surface.

No, it isn't about Mariah Carey.

Think about what the poem's talking about overall and what things it suggests to you.

Excellent poem, Codey.

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