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Reindeer Games, another TR poem to ignore<G>

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Reindeer Games

Waiting at the doorway

Just after English class

Only one quick question

Maybe a hallway pass

Boy without direction

Young thing with something more

Glowing with affection

Leaning against the door

Focused on the teacher

The object of his heart

Legendary creature

That years would keep apart

Waylay him at lunchtime

Wait patient past the bell

Sweet cinderella chime

Just pray no one will tell

Hope no one will notice

Elated secretly

Ripe and ready lotus

Your lock awaits his key

What risk you for his sake

What do you hope he?ll do

Martyred for this mistake

Too obvious a clue

He?s frantic and fearful

He?s trying to ignore

Sighs and smiles so tearful

Impassioned eyes implore

At his side like shadows

And at his desk each day

Will your rain bring rainbows

This blatant teen display

On his desk leave love-notes

A flower on his car

Presents in his book totes

Your heart in a bell jar

Yes, he?s only human

And you are youthful fair

He?s lost his acumen

Forgotten to beware

Each time your head leans close

Each hand upon his knee

That much further he goes

Though he?s too gone to see

Breathless at your nearness

And aching with desire

Hoping you grow careless

He?s helpless under fire

The bell rings too loudly

To him it is a blow

Watching him so proudly

You see his face aglow

He?s forgotten rulebooks

Forgotten social law

He?s felled by your love looks

Unable to withdraw

At the teachers? workroom

You?re waiting at the door

This far do you presume

This deep do you adore

This picture has problems

And gossip has begun

Love and all its emblems

Light up his face like sun

Follows you like flowers

Unable to resist

Secret teenage powers

Though you are yet unkissed

Hoping for redemption

You?re sure he is the cure

Asking for exemption

You?ve caught him with your lure

Going off to study

But you fool no one there

Morals have grown muddy

But you no longer care

What price for his passion

Is he prepared to pay

Your seductive fashion

Has made him easy prey

You?ve caught him in your toils

Finally have him alone

He?s yearning for the spoils

And faint from your cologne

Whisper ?do not worry?

And wrap him in your arms

He wants you to hurry

Is weakened by your charms

Finally lets you touch him

And when you draw him near

He?s bubbling at the brim

And shivering with fear

Not blind to the danger

His body trumps his brain

Better than some stranger

He can no more abstain

Gives you what you?re craving

He?s finally called your bluff

No more cold behaving

But will it be enough

Is it what you wanted

Will you be happy now

Will you be undaunted

Have you forgotten how

Did you really want him

Was love your true first cause

Was it only a whim

And did you never pause

Finished and you fly off

Him spent, content, confused

Stunned by your parting scoff

His confidence is bruised

Hard to think of daytime

Instead of fantasy

Imaginings sublime

Shift to apostasy

Now when you see teacher

You look right past his eyes

Love?s a fickle creature

And romance often dies

But always more certain

When young hearts try their wings

Scenes end with a curtain

That blots out all sweet things

Beware the springtime heart

And youthful handsome face

That which keeps you apart

May be your saving grace


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