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monk's hymn: a TR spoof of which fellow AD poet?

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monk?s hymn

angry injun music

and wylde electroclash

i?m looking for a target

someone i can smash

filled with rage & hormones

1 hand stuck in my fly

i say u can lick my ass

tell me who am i?

lonely roads and darkness

and death by suicide

i write my words so putrid

mainly coz i?m fried

peeple say i?m hateful

but i don?t give a dam

i hand out psychic wedgies

tell me who i am

love to read ur poems

tho mainly coz they suck

i live to make u squares cry

just don?t give a fuck

who posts the most insults?

who lays the truth on thick?

if u guess my secret name

u can suck my dick


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