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Strange Eyes

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Strange Eyes

Strange eyes, blue clocks without hands,

Little blue mysteries twinkling in the light.

What did you see in me, strange eyes?

Your ocular gems like early Picassos.

They call me even when you don't,

If only from pictures.

Waiting by the phone,

Flipping through these wasted rolls.

Not wasted.


Exhausted under my fingers,

It having been three years now.

They follow me in all my dreams,

Those blue diamonds.

Oh God I'm still in love with you.

Strange eyes,

Two little star charts casting me adrift.

After all this time, how do you still haunt me?

Leave me languishing without your piercing eyes.

Plunge your knives into my poor heart.

Stab me with your gaze again and again.

Leave me broken, bleeding on the floor?

Just look at me again!

As lovely as a tree they endlessly recede,

So full of life and beauty.

Strange eyes,

Two little whirlpools made by God

To destroy fools. To destroy me.

I was a fly caught in your spider?s web.

I still am.

I won?t struggle. I promise.

Two pearls of infinite cost.

Two paradises lost.

Think what we could have had?

Don?t you want me anymore?

They swallow me in all my dreams.

Those haunting colors, dazzling bright.

I?m getting sucked in again

Again? When did it stop?

I?m drowning in you all over again,

In these pictures of you.

Oh God I'm still in love with you.

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