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"A Different Place!" New Story! New Authour!

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This is a new story by a first time Authour. The story is posted at Niftys only - for now. It is in the sc/fi section. It is Excellent! We will be reading more of this Authour's writings! The tale is Very Interesting and Very intriguing! Check it out guys!

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Guest desert dude

I'm pretty easy to please. But jeez, the punctuation (or lack thereof) drove me to complete distraction.

Help! Is there an editor out there who could help this new author (authour) with grammar basics?

Sorry, I couldn't let this slide. :?

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"Author," both sides of the Pond.

Give the editor-types around here a chance to read it and you/he may find a volunteer.

-- Hello, Kodes, would you like to introduce yourself?

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