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yes, i know it?s been years (for Mark)

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yes, i know it?s been years (for Mark)

yes, i know it?s been years

but i wanted to tell you

that i?m grateful for you and me

i know then, way back when

i didn?t know what it was that you gave me;

saw you, had no clue, took it all as my due

but i know now what it was worth

you followed me, loved me, you were mine

you gave everything that you had;

i didn?t know, didn?t see

i didn?t understand it all, baby

you were scared, i was cool, you were crazy

in those long-ago high school halls;

i said yes, you felt blessed, i couldn?t care less

oh, i see now that i was a child

but the gift that you gave

may have managed to save

and open this heart for the rest of my life

i learned love, i learned trust

we tasted diamonds and dust

and it all helped make me the man that i am;

i wish you could see what it means to me

and how i look back on it all with a smile

you know, i?d give anything

to be wearing your ring

walking to class, side by side

one more time

for a moment

like a dream

to reach back and give you my thanks


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