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Biden elected US President


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Ha ha thanks, Pedro.  I've enjoyed that before, but it fits the situation!
The senate seats run-off in Georgia allows for renewed campaigning there and the Democrats have a mighty draw now.
Mitch McConnell may also twig to the fact that if he wants to continue to suck up to the Executive branch and enjoy tea in the Oval Office there is a new sheriff in town.

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12 hours ago, Camy said:

Hopefully, the new sheriff can take over without a High Noon style gunfight.

I don't know, I can see the advantages of such a situation. It might finally remove Trump from the situation. I have no doubt that Trump with turn up with a machine pistol and spray bullets all around the place, with as much chance of hitting the target as he has of making sense to the majority of the World's population. On the other hand I can see Biden turning up with a single shot 18th century, French dulling pistol. With that he can stay well out of Trumps range and eliminate the problem with one decisive shot, from a couple of hundred yards away. He would not want to get too close to Trump, he is probably still infective, though not sure with what.

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