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calico angels (for the Dude), by TR

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[i wrote this for the Dude, on the day Squeakie died. I'd put it up here, then taken it down, but he asked me to return it to the Forum. So...here it is, with my love and sympathy. ~TR]

calico angels

calico angels, wings in the sky

no one had told you, felines don?t fly

Smoochie and Jiji and my little Squeaks

all gone aloft in only six weeks

patches of orange, palest dove white

sail there in your ethereal flight

little girls, sweet ones, smile down on me

come to my dreams, help set my hurt free

for my heart?s breaking, I am alone

and what hurts the worst is the unknown

if I know you?re watching o'er me

I might stop weeping, filling the sea

salt of my sorrow raining on down

flooding the oceans till my heart drowns

speak to me, tell me, show me you?re there

give me some surcease from this despair

for you?re my darlings, my little girls

heart of my heart, more precious than pearls

but if I know that you?re watching me

I?ll try to be strong and let you fly free


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