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Character from an EleCivil story?

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It's strangely reassuring to know that there are plenty of klutzy guys in the world.

If it'd been a young guy in an EleCivil story, I bet the fish would've been weightlifting.... OK, maybe not quite that extreme.

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OMG how hilarious! I usually don't laugh at others peoples misfortunes(unless it is something i have done or come close to doing), But this one was just great. At least it was a small amount. I shudder to think of my two 55 gallons doing that.

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Haha, awesome.

Poor fish, though. Wonder if he saw it coming.

"Oh, don't tell me he's pumping iron on webcam again. Hey, he's getting kind of close to the tank. Man, I hope he doesn't...no, no way would he-" *crash* "Ah, air! My only weakness!"

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