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False Conviction is the New Pop Sensation

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Funny story behind this one. I wrote this on request for a band back in high school. They wanted to be a political band, but they didn't want to have to watch the news or anything. When I asked what kind of politics they wanted to stand for, the guy I was talking to shrugged and said "I dunno...just put 'Bush sucks' in there." So, I gave them this. They didn't ask me for any more.

[False Conviction is the New Pop Sensation]

Scratching out reasons for sweet little treasons

The charlatan nips at the end

Of a half-run-dry ball point conspirator scribe

While he?s dreaming up rights to defend

For nothing?s less blessed than a complacent vessel

With nothing but praise on his lips

When there?s flags to be sewn and coups to be thrown

And blood for the hands of the rich!

So that?s what he writes with no conscience to fight

As he sings to his army of fans

And he says that last night he saw Joe Hill, all right,

With a Little Red Songbook in hand

But his own pockets lined with a few easy dimes

Was all that his dreams let him see

So he screams of the system and rallies against them

In his sweatshop-made Guevara tee.

Bush sucks!

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Complex, rhyming lyrics, including independent, intelligent thought, written in high school...no wonder they didn't ask for more, they didn't get it.

...This explains some of the realistic goings-on in Laika. Bonus points! (Er, what? Who said we were grading? OK, but you still get to keep the bonus points. Consider them a...bonus. :shrugs: :rotfl: )

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