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Combating Carelessness

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Folks! Anyone who has idea how to combat carelessness is free to give opinion. Lately I've been having several incidents because of my carelessness:

- My keys left inside my locked car.

- I left some groceries I've bought in the trolley when I got home (returned but they weren't there and I was too embarassed to ask)

- Gone to a formal party but realized I was wearing sandals! Luckily I found that out en route, so I went back home to change. Wasting an hour and at today's gas price.....

- etc.

Now, I already make notes about things I should do but then I forgot where I put the notes!

So, any advice anyone?

Cheers & be well,


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- Gone to a formal party but realized I was wearing sandals!

Now, I already make notes about things I should do but then I forgot where I put the notes!

So, any advice anyone?

Normally, I'd poke fun, say you were old and getting dementia. However you're either (a) a classic ditzy blonde or (b) maybe you should see a doctor. It could be a chemical imbalance. Your level of 'forgetfulness' is way worse than anyone I've ever heard of. The clincher is that formal party. If you get dressed and don't know what you're wearing, that's not simple carelessness. I know you're not mentally dim or something, so there's a real problem. Everyone has locked his keys in the car/house/etc at some point. But you're to the point you're writing notes and forgetting the notes, and that's really indicative of early Alzheimers or a chemical brain imbalance. Check it out.

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Sounds to me like you're also in a hurry. Slow down and think about it. If you truly are having trouble, like with the sandals, then OK, maybe ask your doctor about it.

I'd say there are other possibilities, like being tired, eating habits and diet. Or my suggestion below. Meanwhile, do see your doctor. There could be some mild chemical imbalance or condition that's getting to you. Don't ignore that or wish it away. See to it, so that if there is something, you get treatment. It could be other things that I'm not familiar with. Or, yes, it could be a condition like mild Asperger's or early warning signs of something else. I don't know if it'd be Alzheimer's. You're awfully young for that. -- In any case, you're young for the degree of trouble you're having. No, this isn't to scare you. It's to get you moving on things that will help you solve it, from the simple to the medical.

If you need to write notes, OK. Many people do. I do, some.

But I have a big, simple suggestion:

Structure yourself some more.

Put things in certain places, like your keys, notes, glasses (if you wear them) things like that. If you create those as habits, then it's less likely that you'll lose track of something.

Cut down on distractions or doing too much at once. Don't try to do everything in a hurry. -- If you have to say "no" to doing something, in order to bring peace to your life, that is OK.

What other things are in your life that are dividing your attention, so that you are preoccupied, worried, or just scattered? Work on simplifying those.

Hey, let us know how things go, please.

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If you need to write notes, OK. Many people do. I do, some.

Hey, let us know how things go, please.

Hell, I write notes. What concerned me is he's losing the notes. I agree his age probably indicates it ain't Alzheimer's but it could be a chemical issue. Just too many things and that's why I suggested the doctor (and I'm glad you agree). I obviously hope it's nothing, but the well being of our fellow AD members should concern all of us.

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There are some things that it's perfectly acceptable to be overly cautious about. Brain function is definitely one of them.

When I detected a lump in my calf muscle last year I went to the effort of getting it checked out thoroughly (including x-rays, ultrasound and MRI scan). It was highly unlikely to be cancer, but it's one of those things that it's better to be safe than sorry (and no, it wasn't cancer).

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Another issue that could be causing forgetfulness are complications of concussion.

If you have ever had a severe concussion, it becomes easier to have mild concussions that you may not even notice. The symptoms include forgetfulness, confusion and a general feeling of foggyness.

I have to be careful as this can happen to me. I'm lucky as it takes quite a wack to cause a concussion, some people are very sensitive to them.

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First, do you have a regular doctor, a general practioner or family doctor whom you see? If not, find one.

Yes, try to find one who is gay-friendly. Yes, there may be times you'll need to be frank with him or her about your sex life. (That's my opinion, others may say differently.)

Second, I'd say you're probably better off seeing a family doctor (GP) first, and get him or her to refer you to a specialist, if that's even needed. Hey, a good doctor shouldn't overreact and should listen to you fully. Discuss what's bothering you, fully. -- Yes, if you don't feel comfortable with the doctor's bedside manner or with his advice, seek a second opinion. It's your right to do that, and your body that anyone would be messing with.

Brain surgeon? :: gentle smile :: No, no. If you decide to see a specialist first, I'd think a neurologist would be your best bet. -- But I'm not a doctor, I'm a gay guy. (Cue Dr. McCoy from Star Trek.)

Seriously, although I've been around hospitals and doctors more than I'd care to, sometimes, I can't tell you for sure whom to see. Those are my best educated guesses.

Rad, you might want to PM aj here. He's a nurse. He could have better suggestions than any of us. He might tell you the same thing, but at least his advice is more likely to be right.

Hey, and don't get scared! As I said in an earlier post, try the simple, common sense things first. Those are likely to help or even solve the problem. But also, do see a doctor, please, since it is worrying you, and it sounds like it's something to check out.


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oKAY! that whole thing about chemical imbalance and other disease creeps me out here :shock: Supposed I go to a doctor, what kind of doctor should I see? General practitioner? Brain surgeon? or what?

Actually, you need to see your GP first for some basic tests. You will be referred to a neurologist if your GP is worth more than a quarter. Having a good doctor is far more important than whether or not he/she is gay friendly. That's not likely to come up since your issue isn't related to being gay :)

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