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Despite my extreme frustration about personal attacks and totally unacceptable dialogues... it is obvious that most of you had no idea what was going on.

We had a forum that most of you couldn't see... a private forum called The Green Room where -the idea was- our authors could discuss among themselves on a less formal basis than in the open forums.

This worked well until recently when tempers flared over various interpretations of what one of our authors posted. While this was deeply troubling to me and to our other authors, it was happening in a private - not open to the general public - forum. But the problem started spilling over into the general AwesomeDude Forums.

I then pulled the plug... vowing never to get myself involved in such a time consuming and often distressing position again. But frankly, dear reader, you are blameless in this brouhaha and I deeply apologize for penalizing you in this matter. You should have been treated better than that.

Ironically, most of those participating in the brawl were not penalized in any way - their stories and poems continue to be posted on the main site. How unfair is that?

So instead of abrogating my responsibility or delegating, I am taking my site AND the forums back and will be solely responsible for their content. You'll notice there are no longer any moderators listed. Some have left, some are too busy right now and I have decided -for the time being- to moderate all the forums myself.

Most importantly, I have removed The Green Room private forum and am requiring all communications among our writers, editors and myself take place by email.

I trust, dear reader (and writers), that you will all understand and show respect for your fellow members when using the AwesomeDude Forums. They are here for you.

All the best

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Thank You for the explanation of what caused the closure of the forums.

I am sure that any reasonable person will understand and sympathise with your frustration and the difficulties you described.

I am just so pleased the forums have returned and look forward to being able to contribute to our little community of readers and authors.

In fact I am so happy about their return, I feel quite gay. :D



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In fact I am so happy about their return, I feel quite gay. :D

I'm sorry we have a "no gays" policy! ::running away:: :wav:

Seriously, I want to pipe in and give a second huzzah to Dude. It shows he's a better man than most of us. Quite specifically, dear readers on AD, he cares about you. There is no better proof than his above post why Dude deserves OUR support.

Have Dude and I ever had a difference of opinion? Of course. We're humans*. But it's possible to have a difference of opinon and still respect the person and act like adults. I first came to Awesomedude as an invited guest.

I really feel this has become my online home, as WBMS, so I want to publicy thank Dude

* maybe :D

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Dude, thank you. I really appreciate the effort you put into this site and this forum. I'm so glad you decided to keep the forums open. If there's anything I can do to help out, let me know - this site means a lot to me, and I'll do whatever it takes to keep it going strong.

Thanks again.

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Dude, I've said it privately, but I'll say it publicly that I love this site. I also feel it is a privilege to be here, not a right.

I support you in whatever way you want to take AwesomeDude, but I'll say that I'm happy that the forums are back.

Best wishes as always,

Graeme :)

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My thanks for re-instating the forums. As I said in my e-mail, this site has been an awesome resource for me, and I appreciate all your efforts to keep it great!

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Dude - my heatrfelt thanks for keeping the lights on.  

This is the only place I've ever felt comfortable enough to write poetry in public.


Now that alone is worth the price of a ticket. :occasion5:

:geek: :wink:

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