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Does anybody now wether or not TR gonna continue Drama Club? I really like the story.....

Cheers & be well,


I suspect someone knows...

DC20 'Endgame' is up, 21 ('Intermezzo') and 22 ('Check & Mate') to follow closely and complete the Drama Club main story.

How did this miracle occur, you ask? Well, I got lots and lots of lovely reader letters (most of which went without response, for which I apologize, but they mattered!), and The Dude stood over me with a whip for 12 hours. We both lost sleep and probably enjoyed the whip more than was necessary, but Part 20 is posted, though wholly and entirely unproofed.

If you find any mistakes, blame The Dude. (j/k)



PS. I love you, Rad, and all the other loyal DC readers who kept the faith, against time and all odds. I hope the quality of the chapter is up to par and that you enjoy it. I apologize for the dearth of sex scenes in DC20 but promise to make it up in DC21 'Intermezzo' which will be something like DC15 'Interlude with an Angel', an offside plunge into personal relationships before returning to the main plotline with DC22. DC22 will be the last installment of this particular DC storyline. Again, I humbly beg forgiveness for the all the delays and lousy poetry I've foisted upon DC fans in lieu of the next DC chapter. Shame on me.

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