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Guest rusticmonk86


gabriel duncan

got the IEDs

in this mind you see

it?s the words I speak

down with presidency

ever since I was born

I knew I was different

never got along

was always resistant

breakin tools of the system

by gathering momentum

with like minded friends

looking for the end

of rights to defend

or people to fight

but our blight?s progressed

to an unholy might

we?ll have you waking up dead

and fearing every night

. . . that?s right

an? in case you haven?t heard

it?s the homo freedom bandit

fuck up with my crew

see what your ass gets planted with

got the foot longs in pistol grips, metal whips

rather use the blow torch

than the intravenous drip

got more vocab

than your man mad-libs

multiplying mediocrity

mediating many morons

millions more megatons to go

the show:

is a written free-styled flow

watching how you go

stepping over verbs

multisyllabic words

til the rhyme?s absurd, obscure, un heard

the word, the turn is learned

the word is:

the rich progress

in spite of the poor

hunger is progress

because less is more

hunger is progress

because less is more

hunger is progress

because less is more

times three

you?ll never be free

unless you think critically

act up politically

kill the travesty

of our naked king

burning his people

with ig?nant warring

so next it comes in

to our mainstream art

sucks the schools dry

cauterizes the heart

of our future

by the government?s abuse

while cops are beatin? and screamin?

?til we?re black and blue

wonder why I?m dying for change

then you wonder whut it dew

like I just stepped in with somethin? new

roll up on crooked cops

and plug a nugget in their muzzle

?cause nuzzle buzzles like

a dead pig as an example

got ample hate for you

judged not, yet misconstrued

i?d do two lifetimes in hell

for just some time alone with you

convalesce and coalesce

transgress the dispossessed

never reach success

?til our suppressors acquiesce

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