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Books by Josh Aterovis

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Is he published?

I was only aware of his online stories.


Oops- wrong Josh.

This one can be found at www.joshaterovis.com

I haven't read any of his work but its good to see a brother working.

:geek: :wav:

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... i actually have his first book, Reap the Whirlwind....

That is actually his second book. His first was "Bleading Hearts".

His published works are not available anymore on his web site and the versions that are posted on Nifty are very different from the final published versions.

As James said, his new web site is http://www.joshaterovis.com/. The steliko.com site is no longer active.

Killian Kendall Stories:

Bleeding Hearts

All Lost Things

The Truth of Yesterday

A Change of Worlds

Spin offs:

Reap the Whirlwind

Breaking Masks

Short Stories (related to the Killian Kendall series):

Eden Revisited - Adam's Story

Bright Things Come to Confusion - Seth's Story

Never Alone (should be read before "A Change of Worlds")

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