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gabriel duncan

I almost thought it would work

but I?m in the same sad dance

sorry and angry for ever taking the chance

I guess I can?t complain

but romance is hard to maintain

when there?s something wrong

with the chemicals in my brain

stuck mopin, and chokin back the tears

shouldn?t sweat it anyway

he was from pluto, I know

he never meant to stay here

the most insatiable frustating effacement

was admitting I got myself into what I shouldn?t

but I still do

and I shouldn?t be so dependent

they say I?m too blue

but fuck that

I?m blue all the time

blue walk, blue talk, blue rhyme, blue stalk

I wish it were because of you

I wish I had someone to blame

but the more time I spend

writing crying rhymes upon my bed

the more I wish you?d vacate head

so here?s another wish

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