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50 Ways To Leave the White House


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Hmmm echoes of Paul Simon.


Seriously, though, just where will Trump go when he is dragged kicking and screaming from the White House?  

Florida? Well, he's now a legal resident of Florida.  But his business headquarters is still based in New York City.

And while Trump  will almost certainly pardon himself and his family for their Federal crimes, he can't do so in the tax, banking and real-estate fraud cases pending against him in New Yor City and New York State.

He may well end up living in upstate New York and sporting a leisure suit matching the orange makeup he wears. 


...And I can just see the sign hanging over the comic book rack at Attica State Prison....


"The Donald J. Trump Presidential Library."

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It looks as if he will be leaving the White House over a pile of dead bodies. I keep seeing news items about another Federal execution. It seems he wants to get them all out of the way before Biden takes over.

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