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There's a new site out there called Librarything.com that allows you to enter the books in your libraries ISBN numbers and creates a database of your library. Free accounts can only hold a maximum of 200 entries but for $25, you get an upgrade to an unlimited number.

It's easy to enter the information and, as the data doesn't reside on your system, it's backed up on the librarything server.

The front page for the site is:>>

You can look at my library at :>>

Check it out! It's cool.

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I like it! :idea1: I started mine but no idea how long it'll take to finish.

But it would be easier to upload your library if you could call up full lists of authors or subjects, then go down and check off a number of them before uploading. The way it's set up, it resets after every single book, so a large library will take a long time to get on record. However, once on record, uploading new books wouldn't be any trouble.

Is there a way to indicate where a book's located in your bookshelves? And can you save the information to disk when you've finished, or is it only available online?

There's one like this for films, too, but it works differently. Among other differences, you download special (free) software to use it.


Guess who recently told me about that? Terry, the real guy who is featured (set when we were both fifteen) in the TR true story Exothermic Reaction, currently listed in AD story section Drawn From Life.

He found me online recently... :hello2:

Ahem, I haven't mentioned that story to him yet. :toothy2:



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