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News & Views - August 6, 2006


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Hi Gang,

Well, if Tragic Rabbit and wibby (writebymyself) can do it? I guess I can too? come off my hiatus, unexpectedly, that is.

A lot has gone on behind the scenes at AwesomeDude in the past couple of months? including a lot of personal grief. But life goes on? and for as long as my subscription lasts, I guess I will too.

I want to thank James for leaping in and filling the void these past couple weeks? greatly appreciated by all.

We?ve been doing a bit of tweaking around the site? and hopefully for the good.

Rather than go into the details of each story chapter each week (yes I DO read them) which always involves the danger of spoiling it for somebody who?s not current with a story? I?ll just list them.. and bring you other news of AD in this space every Sunday.

By the way, in case you didn?t notice? by moving your cursor over a story link on the AwesomeDude Home Page? a little box will pop up and give you a taste of what?s in that particular story or chapter. This is now standard.

Let?s do a rundown for you this week:

Free Fall, a novel by Codey [/size]is a welcome addition to AwesomeDude this week. This is Codey?s first shot at a novel and follows a successful career as a poet and short story writer. As Codey is believed to be the youngest of our writers here at AD? I guess he?s our official ?little brother,? as well. Credits for illustration and web design for Free Fall go to Blue.

Drama Club by Tragic Rabbit is at Chapter 20 at the moment with the final two chapters coming very soon. TR is working on them simultaneously and 21 and 22 should come to you close together. It is good to have Drama Club back with us!

Another Day in Paradise by WBMS is good news too. The author has come of his hiatus in a big way with Chapters 4 and 5 coming within days of each other. And the surprises keep coming? stay tuned for more action.

The Millrace by Camy is one of two new short stories gracing the Home Page this weekend. Camy has come through with a winning combination of likeable characters, romance and action to craft a neat tale. Heck, I even liked the villain! Check this one out.

Blood?s Thick by Gabriel Duncan best he has written. It?s short but sweet. You?re gonna like it.

Family Snippets: Maths and Mazes by Graeme spotlight. If you think you missed out on a lot ?not raising your own family- then checkout this delightful ongoing account of family life by Graeme

Weekly Chapter Updates are available this week for:

The Scrolls of Icaria by Jamie ? Book 2 Chapter 10

It Stays In Vegas by Jack Scribe ? Part 8

Someday Out Of The Blue by LittleBuddhaTW ? Chapters 18 & 19

The Garden by Nevious ? Chapter 6

Our Dude?s Picks for August are up:


Short Story

We?ve done new Authors Pages for both Josiah Jacobus-Parker and new AD author Camy. Both list the current stories posted here by their respective authors.

I hope you?re checking the Authors are also worth checking out as well.

Best of Nifty

Welcome to vwl (or vowel-less as WBMS has dubbed him) an accomplished author in his own right who has agreed to moderate our Best of Nifty Discussion Forum. Best-of-Nifty.org is part of the AwesomeDude family of websites and we hope you?ll give vwl your help and cooperation as we refurbish the BON site? and also add more listings for stories that are published at other sites and not at Nifty.

You?ll also notice a list of recommended story sites and links to Grasshopper stories at IOMFATS.org on our AD Front Page? as you can see, we?re not here just to blow our own horn? but to promote good writing wherever we find it.

OK.. that?s about it from here? the rest is up to you. Have a great week of reading and see ya again next weekend. And don?t forget to write your favorite authors as well. Your comments, feedback and encouragement is their only payment for their many hours of effort.[/color]

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