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I want to say thank you

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I found Awesome Dude a few weeks ago and after reading more than a few of the stories, I found the forum section. Even more than the stories I have enjoyed the variety of topics and all the information the crew at Awesome Dude has made public.

I have no formal schooling behind my name nor did I finish High School. And over the years I have slowly learned from my past mistakes and realized what I should or should not do in regards to how to construct a good story. But I have so much to learn.

In the forum I have found so many answers to some of the questions I have as well as advice that I am already putting to use. After reading so many of the topics and threads, I am grateful for all those writers, editors that offer advice and knowledge in such a laid back and relaxed atmosphere.

So from a beginning writer who has a renewed energy for writing, I say thank you and I hope you continue this informative site that can only help those such as myself.


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Welcome, Jason. Salut et bienvenu. (Hi and welcome.)

Heh, it doesn't matter if you've finished high school or college. Some here are students, and some here are college grads...and some only have a GED (high school diploma equiv.) or never finished college or high school.

What matters is that each of them know something about what makes a story good to read or how to write a good story. Most of that's about sensibility for what makes us human. That, you don't really learn in school.

So welcome.

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I agree with Blue. English was my worst subject at school, but that hasn't stopped me from trying to write (admittedly, twenty five years after I finished secondary school -- I'm not counting university because I did NO English related subjects there at all).

Welcome :D

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Yes Jason I agree with you. AwesomeDude has both inspired and entertained me. My interest in writing has been rekindled by the people here.

I did not finish high school either.

I agree with blue when he says so clearly:

"...what makes us human. That, you don't really learn in school. "

May I add my thanks and appreciation to all the awesome dudes.


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