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Is this original or have I stolen words?

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A long time ago, I wrote this poem after reading Ann Rice vampire books. I believe that she used the phrase age of innocence. What I'm asking, is this piece original or have I abused someone else's work?

Age Of Innocence

This is my Age of Innocence

You the children of inconvenience

Now that my demons are finally invisible

All those fears in your head become material

You speak out against that which you don?t know

Condemning me when I stand against the flow

You ask, ?What is this life all about??

I reply, ?It?s not a game but it might be a rout.?

I charge that you take pleasure from senseless killing

While I take mine from simplistic giving

I do not speak with a forked tongue

This is truth I?ll shout till the war I?ve won

Money is your god and he?s feeble and weak

No matter how quiet you are he?ll never speak

You, the human race caught up in useless lives

My eyes are opened and I see through your lies

You claim I am twisted and inherently evil

But claiming truth from a divinity is more than feeble

Your institution is crumbling and almost done

Look to love and blue skies for the sun

You paint me in dark reds like I am a devil

Forgoing your ideas only makes me a rebel

If you would like to understand what you see

Delve into my mind you will find the real me

I am the total evil which there is no defense

Because it?s my Age and it?s my Innocence

Written sometime in 1996

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"The Age of Innocence" is a term for a historical period, as well as a term for a time in human life. So no, that in itself is not stealing an idea from someone; and although I haven't read her books, I'd say that the poem hasn't stolen from her ideas or writing.

Hint: Try the Wikipedia as a research tool too.

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