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Help save 1-800-SUICIDE


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The following was posted on the website for the band "Bomb the Music Industry":

For a few years, I had been helping to get petitions signed for federal funding for the National Hopeline/1-800-SUICIDE with my old band The Arrogant Sons of Bitches. I always thought this was a great 'cause, especially in an era where people take on causes that might alienate a lot of people instead of open them up to new ideas or taking action.

It appears that our government has opted to cut their funding to 1-800-SUICIDE/The National Hopeline Network, with plans to create a NEW suicide hotline: one that is more "faith-based", has less lesbian/gay/bisexual/transender focus and, saddest, one where the calls will be monitored.

We have brought petitions, stickers, pamplets and literature to many of our shows in the past and many of you have signed them. Now however is when the organization needs you the most. I think I have to stress that EVERYONE CAN AGREE ON HAVING A SUICIDE HOTLINE SO PEOPLE DO NOT KILL THEMSELVES WHEN THEY HAVE PROBLEMS. Up until this decision, this hasn't been a Republican vs. Democrat issue. This isn't an AMERICAN issue. This is a HUMAN issue. So PLEASE take the time to visit save1800suicide.org. There's a few options of what you can do. The easiest thing is writing a letter to the government and let them know that we won't take this lying down. That takes like 30 seconds, so stop stalking strangers on myspace for a minute and make a difference. Thank you.


P.S. I have recently started a donation-based record label called Quote Unquote Records. We have released an album by Bomb The Music Industry! and will also be releasing the much sought after ASOB Live Radiohead covers in the coming week (as well as a bunch of other cool releases). All the songs will be available for free download, and suggested donation. A portion of the money from the donations will be given to help save 1-800-SUICIDE. Or you could visit Save1800suicide.org and donate however much you wish straight to the source. Thanks a lot!

So, yeah. As of now, the hotline has 12 days left to get the money together to remain in business.


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I suspect that the proposed action to replace the present suicide line with a "faith based" one will only serve to increase the number of suicides.

Maybe the government strategy is too decrease the world's over-population.

Here in Australia I am told that our abortion advice phone line is now run by fundamentalist church groups. They evidently berate the callers for even thinking of an abortion. I hope that is not true.

Compassion for our fellow human beings seems somewhat in decline.


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To follow from jamessavik:

"Hello you have reached the suicide hot-line.

We are busy praying with other suicides at the moment.

Please wait as our prayers are important for you.

If you are gay or lesbian please push 2 on your phone dial for detailed instructions on suicide."

Yes, I am I hope being sarcastic. :cat:

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