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Republican Assembly Members Walk Out During Gay Ceremony


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Sacramento, CA) -- About ten Republican members of the state Assembly either walked out on or boycotted a ceremony in the Assembly chambers Monday honoring achievements of gay Californians. The Pride Recognition Awards event was put on the the Legislature's Lesbian, gay, Bisexual and Transgender Caucus. Republican Leader George Plescia (PLEH-sha) of La Jolla said the event was ridiculous and a waste of the Assembly's time since there are many bills to be considered before the end of the session later this month.

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It was not too long ago (1996), that a Republikan konvention in Oklahoma voted to declare sodomy (their term, not mine) a capital offence. In other words, in case this isn't clear enough, Republikans in Oklahoma want to execute us.

I once had sympathy for Log Cabin Republicans, but no more. I now consider them traitors. I hope that is not thought pf as too strong a term, but how can you be part of a political party that wants to kill you?

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I hope that is not thought pf as too strong a term, but how can you be part of a political party that wants to kill you?

A fine point, sir.

I often wonder about Black republicans along the same lines. How can you be for a party that thinks you're a lesser being?

Seems to me that both these arise from inferiority complexes compounded by a kind of self loathing often generated by the guilt association forced upon the individual to control them.

e.g., "You are not good enough to think for yourself."

It is one of the great absurdities of life that we humans will accept, without question, someone else's definition of ourselves even if it is derogatory, let alone untrue.

So our example becomes the thought: "I am not good enough to think I am worthy."

This can degenerate rather quickly into, " I am not worthy at all."

The fact is it is often easier to accept such definitions because it saves us the trouble of working out who we are for ourselves.

The two examples above are indeed absurd even paradoxical, but they do happen. This situation is even worse because neither the "party"* nor the person may be aware of the manipulation that is occurring.

Accepting responsibility for ourselves is fraught with danger and difficulty, but is one of the first steps to becoming a caring human individual.

When we surrender that right of personal responsibility, we lose our self esteem and our access to human dignity.

So sad.

Of course these are just my thoughts.

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10 years ago, a gay republican was almost reasonable.

After Clinton screwed us with that wretched don't ask, don't tell policy and the Defence of Marriage Act a lot of gay people felt that Clinton had betrayed the many GLBT people that supported him.

However bad Clinton betrayed us, 6 years of Bush has been a nightmare. He's packed the courts with all the idealogues he can get past congress. That means that the supreme courts will be conservatively constipated for the next 30 years.

I truely and deeply detest BOTH parties. They are both more interested in screwing each other than taking care of the country's many problems- some of which could be ruinious. Someday the country's aristocracy, err I mean ruling class- oh no- I mean politicians are going to drop the ball. One of those big problems that they have been ignoring for decades is going to fall on us like an passenger jet on 9/11 and we won't be able to get up off the matt. The sad part is that I can name about 20 of those problems off hand without having to think too hard.

When politics gets rough, We as GLBT people are the first to get thrown overboard by both parties. Clinton made a lot of promises- and screwed us. Bush and his Kristian Konservative Klick hate our guts and would put us in camps if they had their way.

We are in the sad position of getting screwed by our political friends and enemies.

Dude's move out of the country is looking smarter and smarter by the day.

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I truely and deeply detest BOTH parties.

I empathise with your position, jamessavik.

Here in Australia, conservative right wing policies have taken over both our major political parties.

In fact it seems that,

The Right thinks it is right,

The left acts as if it is Right,

Making the politically correct, just plain wrong.

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