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News & Views - August 20, 2006


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Hi Gang,

Well quite a bit of action around here this weekend... The most noticable is probably the new look to the AwesomeDude Forums. As I write this, our new board - by Invision Power Boards - has been online less than 24 hours and we're still pretty low on the learning curve with it. I hope to have all the features working by this time next week. I have migrated our database which carries all your posts and user info from the old board which was phpBB2. There is an all new look, and much better functionality in the new board, once I get it all rolled out. Like I say... I am working through this with you but with a commercially produced board comes one big advantage... customer service. No longer do I want to put our forums in danger using a freeware... under development board with NO recourse should there develop a problem. Bear with me on this one... we'll have features and services galore and will roll them out one-by-one. Like... can you say blog:

Let's take a look at what's new this week:

Free Fall by Codey - Chapter 2 has been posted - Codey will be posting fortnightly - we forgot to mention.

Robert's Day by Camy - This is a new short story from our newest young UK writer, Camy. He has 3 now!

The Scrolls of Icaria by Jamie - Chapter 11 of Book Two is now posted. Jamie also posts fortnightly.

Collision by The Collision Crew - Ch 16 - The final chapter of this collaborative story wrapped up Ryan Keith

Someday Out of The Blue by LittleBuddhaTW - Chapters 21 and 22 are now availableI

It Stays in Vegas by Jack Scribe - Now up to Part 10 in this Sin City-based story

The Garden by Nevious - Chapter 16 is an emotional one. Get out the Kleenex.

Camy and Graeme have new Author's pages... please check them out. No the model on Graeme's page is NOT him... but Camy does appear in HIS mini-site. Both along with Josiah Jacobus-Parker's new author's page are available directly from the AwesomeDude Home Page...

That's it... Codey, with assistance from Blue will be rolling his new site over the Labor Day weekend and a surprise from AD coming that weekend too.

Have a great week of reading.

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