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Scouting and discrimination


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I just found this, and think it is interesting. I hope I'm not bringing up something already mentioned here and overlooked by me.


Here's an earlier article from July 18, 1998, two months after Berkeley ended giving free berths to the Sea Scouts. Richmond, CA offered free berths, but then applied a non-discrimination clause similar to Berkeley's:

Richmond OKs Sea Explorer Ship, City Council insists on anti-bias policy, defying Boy Scouts

Discrimination sucks. Bias sucks. Hate sucks. The BSA leadership sucks.


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Discrimination sucks. Bias sucks. Hate sucks. The BSA leadership sucks.

I was a boy scout. I loved my experiences there (in which no sex whatsoever was involved). I spent many years in the organization and have nothing bad to say about it.

That being said, I don't think I'd support them any more. Obviously when you're a kid growing up you don't think about these things. You're with friends, having fun, and sexuality doesn't mean much to you then.

I like the scouts, but their views piss me off. However I do agree they have the right to be closed-minded bigoted assholes. It's just too bad.

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