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I Am Lost

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I am lost in a shadow.

No matter how far I try to run or climb my way past it,

The darkness wraps around me, and claws away at my soul.

The more I fight to get away,

The more of me the shadow takes from me.

I have no more hope.

No more dreams.

All that I have left is a void,

Longing to be filled once more.

I have been lost in the darkness,

I no longer remember the light.

I once knew how to smile,

All I know is a frown.

I struggle to find the parts that I have lost,

Only to stumble further into darkness.

I grab and try to hold on,

But what I do manage to grasp,

Vanishes or slowly rots away.

I fear the day when I no longer reach.

I know it will come,

Swift and fast.

Each day brings it closer,

How I wish it could be today.

I am scared of the shadow,

The darkness that is all around me.

I face it alone,

Wishing for a hand to lead the way.

The hand is never there,

And it never will be.

I am scared of the darkness that is all around me,

The shadow that will never end.

I fear the light even more,

The darkness is all that I know.

What can the light hold for me,

Will it even exist for me?

I miss my dreams,

My hopes,

My smile.

I am lost in the darkness of shadow,

I am lost,

I am at home.

I am what I forever will be,

I am nothing,

No one.

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