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The Ground is a Safer Patron

Guest Gabriel Duncan

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Guest Gabriel Duncan

the ground is a safer patron

gabriel duncan

trash rant can?t make it realer

can?t think of what to say

either I choke or fill up this paper

saying something that I don?t know

who knows, going where ever

weather stormy sounds better

crushing my heart through loveless stings

or pangs of cold-hearted things

wondering who?s bed is better

broken, reading sets of letters

should I say, or just abstain

the grain has drilled against me

leaving feelings like weathered leather

tethered by nothing, yet staying the same

every moment is melancholy

I?m too dull to feel the sting

catalyst if not, thing is

the sad tradgey rotted inside of me

slowly pushing me towards another crevice

where in myself jagged pieces crawled

clawing for just a moments rest

progress is trying to survive

so inside it tends to run

like egg whites in the sun

until its done congealing

never healed, but easier to run from

what came before

so if it were more dramatic

please tell me how

to feel more descriptively

when emphatic screams have all dried up

and left me cold and hollow

abrudptly silent, and feeling swallowed

progress is forgetting

what regrets have kept me

from sleeping at night

however shallow that sounds

the ground is a safer patron

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