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Freefall - by Codey


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Freefall - by Codey

Artwork, editing, and web design by Blue

When Brian came out, his world turned upside down, and he was in Freefall. Who will reach out to him? His parents? His brother? His friends? Himself?

Freefall is a new novel by Codey that debuted on August 5th. It will run bi-weekly, fortnightly.... Psst, Blue means every two weeks, guys. There are plenty of chapters ahead. I'm not saying how many. :shhh:

You will find surprising ups and downs, as Brian comes out, and things go all over the place from there. There's some serious real-life things. There's also fun and angst, friendship and love. Everyone has a part to play, and there are some attitude adjustments in store for nearly everyone, Brian included.

What will happen? Is there a happy ending? Does Brian work it all out? Does he find love? Who supports him? Who doesn't? Why?! ... Calm down, Blue, I think they've got it. I'd give away plot spoilers, but I'd rather you read it and then discuss it.

I do have one note to make, on one of the 'tudes, but I'm going to save it and see if people ask about it first. I'll just say that all readers, and not just the characters who have it, need to think over what's really being said about it in the story.

Enjoy reading, you'll like it a lot. -- Oh, and in a couple of places, you'll laugh or cry or want to hug them.

Hmm, now where's that future chapter for me to edit. ;) (No, I've already edited several, don't worry, guys.)

Good job, Codey, keep writing.

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Thanks, Ben, for that totally unbiased and unsolicited review.


PS; the checks in the mail but I couldn't come up with the whole amount you wanted. :evilgrin::rolleyes:

Why, soi'tainly! My totally unbiased and unsolicited reviews are my best kind, and just 'cause they're in platinum ink, sprinkled with diamond dust.... OK, OK, so "diamond dust" is just another form of carbon.

About that check not in the whole amount? Oh, so that explains why you tore the check in half and only sent half...without the numbers and the signature. Very smart thinking! :wav:

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For those of you not reading FREEFALL I highly recommend it. Very good and getting better. I just finished the latest and Chapter 5 is a freaking AWESOME chapter.

And because you're special here (whether I mean "cool" or "short bus" special, I shall let you decide), I'm going to clue you in to something (also posted on Codey's board):

"Do you think I'm really like him? That I judge people to see if they're worthy to be my friends?"

"Yes, I think you're like him, and no, I don't think either of you are judging people. It's more like you're looking for a connection and if it isn't there, then you're nice enough to the other person but you're reserved. You don't just blow people off and neither does Tobey, but you're careful about who you want as a friend. I know that's confusing, but I really don't know how to explain what I mean. It's not a bad thing, though; it's just something you both do."

The above bit is why I love this story so much. Change the names and this could have been written about me. It's just like how I am. It's weird reading about youself in someone else's story. I've never been able to explain it, and now here it is in plain English. Almost makes me want to write a whole story based on this small excerpt. Almost.

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Part 7! Yes!

And beautifull as the other chapters. With some nice lessons of life.

Lessons we all know, but find hard to think about in that kind of situations.

Already waiting for chapter 8, but take your time.....

Big " :icon11: " from the NL.


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Hi Oliver, :) welcome.

I'm Codey's editor, I'm replying while he's under the weather. (That idiom means he's not feeling well; it probably has a Dutch equivalent.)

Thanks, and I'm glad you're enjoying Freefall. Chapters are posted every two weeks, so Chapter 8 will be out then.

Yes, it's been a real joy to edit Freefall, because there is a great deal of good in the story, about difficult things in friendship and love.

-- Hey, and feel free to visit Codey's World - Forum too. ;D

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Just thought I'd make a few public comments to Codey concerning "Freefall". I love this story and the twists and turns in the plot. I do hope for a happy ending...Brian and Tobey might just make a cute couple.

While I've said for a long time that Dewey is the King of Angst (For the love of Pete, Brian and Pete, and Life from a Distance), it appears that we might just have a new Prince of Angst in the making.

Keep at it Codey, I'm looking forward to the next installment along with everyone else. :icon11:


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