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Beginning January 2021 AwesomeDude will be re-serializing outstanding novels that have appeared over the 17 years we have been around.  The stories will be temporarily removed from the Home Pages of their authors and will be re-serialized as if they were new stories.  Each chapter will be upload during our twice weekly updates to the Current and Reserialized Novels List .

On January 2nd we begin with the highly acclaimed set of stories by FreeThinker... A Canterbury Tale.

You will be able to identify Reserialized stories as their links will be marked with the image.png image before the story's title in the Current Novels List on the AD Homepage..

We hope you enjoy this service designed to familiarize both new and older AD readers with some of the best fiction on the web.



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Well, apparently that is having the desired effect, as someone in another forum remarked that they were reading the story for the first time. That said, I have always seen this site as an archive where I can go to re-enjoy treasures from the past, and to which I can point other people to share wonderful stories that I have read, so it is hard for me to see any benefit in taking them away, even temporarily. It seems to me that your "from the past" section accomplishes this without removing anything.

But of course it is your judgment call. I do appreciate the site and your labor of love.

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OK, I just saw Dude's comment elsewhere, that Canterbury Tales had been re-edited. I would consider that a reason re-serialize. The recycle triangle is a bit confusing, though.


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Peter, I don't know, but assume the reason to recycle stories is because AD is getting new readers all the time, and they have no idea what exceptional stories there are in the archives.  By these being recycled , those newcomers will have a chance to find some of real gems, and to read them serially as they were first presented.

The fact they've been edited, or re-edited, is rather incidental.  I know I can find mistakes in most of my stories as they now exist.  Knowing a story is going to be presented to a new audience, or an old one wanting to read an old favorite again, I'd certainly appreciate the ability to go through it and clean up anything that needs it.  The purpose wouldn't be to reconfigure or change the story, but just to give it a polish and shine.

My opinion, only.



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