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For you sentimental chaps

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13 hours ago, Cole Parker said:

I get sent quite a few videos.

Here is the clue! 

The link you gave is a UI (User Interface), quite possibly someone sent you a video you opened it and watched it, maybe you downloaded it, intentionally or not, to your computer or to Google drive. The VID (VIDEO) is VID-20201003-WA0000.mp4 which gives the date you saved it 2020.

If you want to share it you need to find the video in Google drive, give public share permission to your private Google drive and post the link. Altrnatively you upload it somewhere, but not here, because it's probably too big, then give the URL (website address).

Hope this helps and as a side note, do be careful about attachments sent in emails.

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Thanks for trying!  It would be helpful if I knew how to do any of that stuff.  I don't, and I actually have no interest in learning how.  I have trouble remembering my own name.  Trying to understand this stuff and them remembering it for more than five minutes is beyond me.  Just ask Colin.  If he wasn't around to puzzle out computer issues for me, I'd be dead in the water.

I am finishing up another story.  That I can do.  Tech stuff is for you smart guys.




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