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Return Of The Forums!

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Thank the deity of your choice,

The forums have returned to let us voice,

All our thoughts and comments on all that matters.

Personally, without the forums, I was in tatters.

I couldn't sleep,

I wondered if I should find a cliff and leap.

Life without our forums on AwesomeDude

Would be worse than no food,

So I had a wank and went to bed

and dreamt of dudes instead.

The forums have come back

And my life is once again intact,

I only wish I had something to say

That would be worthy of the day.

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Good Des. I admire people who can "shake a poem out of their sleeve" like that. Your creation would have taken me 10+ years to make, and still be pale by comparison. :omg:

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I don't even want to THINK about it got IN your ass in the first place. :omg:

Is it just me, or are all the blogs not available right now?

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Thank you for your very kind remarks.

As the "Return of the Forums" is only my second poem in 30 years, I think your 10+ is very good.

A strange thing happened to me after my reading Nifty stories and then discovering AwesomeDude.

I found I wanted to express myself again, something that time and work has stopped me doing all these years.

All the more amazing is the fact that with a little effort the words seem to pop into my head as I need them.

Well there is plenty of room up there. :omg:

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Sorry for the disappearance... it happened when we moved to the new server and the blogs weren't functioning. So I hid them from all but from admins.

Blogs should be visible now. Everyone can read or comment in a blog currently... but you have to be a member to have your own blog.


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