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Unfortunately, some of the chapters have been lost as well. You can go there and click on each one in turn, but the odd one will give a report of an indexing problem and leave you with a gap in the story. Also, all the " and ' marks are shown as ?, but a complete Replace ( ? to ") then again ("s to 's) seems to take care of most of that aspect.

I think we are going to have to hope/pray that someone hosts the full stories somewhere.

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Some months back... when it was rumored that the Drake opening page had been infected by a virus.. and that he was unavailable to do anything about it because of work-related and move-related circumstances... I went and downloaded the entire website. With the idea of trying to de-virus it and hold on to it.

Due to my own circumstances... I never got around to it.

I told Dewey and he seemed interested.. and despite the virus warning I transferred it to him... A couple of weeks ago, alerted that the domain had not been renewed, I put in a request for it... hoping to hold it for Drake or even host it for him... if neither at least to hold it so that some porn operator didn't scoop it up and desecrate the Drake Tales name. Within a day... somebody, I don't know who, had the same idea but renewed it in Drake's name... so I assumed it to be Dewey... as they were friends and possibly back in communications. So I'm only out the $18 I paid godaddy to monitor and pounce on the account... and hopefully the site will be returning soon.

For the record... I am still willing to host the site for Drake -free of charge- at a moment's notice as due to some recent shuffles of the AD domains/hosting I have some spare capacity.

Bottom line... I sure would like to see this fine site come back intact... and to have Drake back in the saddle turning out thoughtful and well written stories.

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