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News & Views - September 10, 2006


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Hi Gang...

Well... a lot of sleepless nights this past week... as we migrated ?once again- our complete family of websites to new and larger capacity and hopefully faster servers. Unfortunately there was a period of about a day and a half when AD Forums weren't available due to coordination problems in three different time zones... in three different regions of the world, in fact. But we made it in time for the weekend... and so did CodeysWorld.com now operating side-by-side with AwesomeDude and it's other sister sites. Thanks to Blue ... as ever for his efforts and sleepless nights as well.

We have opened the Community Blogs at AD Forums for forum members you are welcome to join us. We have eight at present... about half authors and half er.. miscellaneous members, including myself. The AD Live Chat is available as well and could become a great meeting place for readers and authors and for round table discussions on various topics as well. We expect to see greater use of the chat rooms once the weather cools a bit in North America. Again, like the Blogs .. Live Chat is for AD Forums registered members.

Lets move on to stories now... Two new ones...

On the Lonely Ocean by TR which he describes aptly as a 'story in verse.' It is a romantic tale and grabbed me right away. It has already picked lots of notice last time I checked the Readers Rule Forum... so your comments are welcome as well.

Seraph by Camy is our newest serial novel and Chapter 1 has been posted. Camy has been quite active since joining us here at AwesomeDude and is a welcome and talented addition to the family.

Heart of The Tree by Graeme - Chapter 9 ends Part One of the story... last chapter was a wild one... hope you had your seatbelts fastened for that one. Chapter 9 now sets up Part Two as we now know who is the Heart.

The Garden by Nevius - Chapter 19 has been posted. This story continues to build as all too familiar themes are addressed in Nevius's own personal style. This story is a good read and the latest chapter is no exception.

Many of our authors -apparently caught up in the last days of summer- have been AWOL but we expect writing to pick up in September.

Now... I was just thinking, as Halloween is the official 'Big Gay Holiday' how about we put out a call for poems and short stories with a Halloween theme? Think about it... you have about six weeks to come up with something. Send em along to our story-editor or poetry-editor as appropriate.

With new story chapters down to just two this week... it is a good time to peruse our new, extended author's list on the left side of the AwesomeDude Home Page and see what our authors have to offer. I'm sure there's lots of good stuff you haven't read yet.

If you are interested in a bit lighter fare.. don't need lots of erotic scenes in the stories you read.. go down and click on AwesomeDude-Lite ... you'll get a 'new' view of what AwesomeDude has to offer.

All email accounts seem to have survived the move to our new servers and a reminder of how to reach us.

Site Admin Dude dude@awesomedude.com

Story Editor TR story-editor@awesomedude.com

Poetry Editor Gabe poetry-editor@awesomedude.com.

Don't forget to go over and see what Codey has cooked up with the connivance of Blue at Codey's World. New -from this week- Guest Authors!

That's it for this week... as always have a great week of reading.


Edited by Blue to fix the link. -- Happy clicky thing!

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Don't forget to go over and see what Codey has cooked up with the connivance of Blue at Codey's World. New -from this week- Guest Authors!

The link to Codey's World isn't working -- needs an "L" in "world"

All fixed!

I fixed the link to Codey's World in Dude's post. Enjoy the site! It is a world of words.

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