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Enya - Adiemus ( World Trade Center Tribute )

Mountain Dude

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9-11 was on my mind tonight -- I was watching a morning show that day. I will never forget those horrible images.

One of the blogs I visited today had a video of that morning. A woman just 500 yards from the Trade Center recorded the tragedy which brought it all back into current memory. Looking for that video, I ended up in "YouTube" -- typing in "World Trade Center" brought up many pages of video's. Most bought tears to my eyes. All were graphic of course but then I came across a video by Enya.

She gave a beautiful tribute to the disaster of September 11, 2001. I wanted to share it with you



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I've never been in the closet about Enya. I LOVE her music, and have tons of it. In fact, most of that Celtic music is awesome. It just describes the howling sadness within so perfectly, the loneliness, the beauty you can see around you, often without partaking. Okay, too much information, and it's not because I'm gay either. The separation from the rest of humanity has more to do with my Asperger's Syndrome and inability to communicate very well in person. Believe me, nothing stops a conversation faster than choking on your own spittle as you gag the words out of your throat. I have to say that talking to gays is much less stressful, but talking to gays aspies is best of all: except I can't find too many of them, since we're all in hiding. :icon13:

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