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I'm looking for an editor

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Hi, Jason,

I'm not an editor so I can't help you, but it might be useful to provide a few more details, such as the genre (some editors love science-fiction& fantasy, for example, and others hate it) and a rough indication of the size of the work (eg. number of words, lines or pages).

Good luck!

Graeme :icon13:

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Thanks for the advice Graeme.

The story is thirty-nine pages total and around 20,000 words.

Steven and Aaron, though dating for over a year, are still very much in the closet. Steven, the star swimmer, and Aaron, the popular soccer player, really need some time alone together. And after nearly being caught by the swim coach in the locker room, they decide to rush home to finish what they started. But as soon as they leave the school it seems the universe has other plans for them. One frustrating situation after another arises, thwarting them at every turn. Whether it's stranded friends, love sick cheerleaders, or mothers returning home early, their patience will be stretched beyond the breaking point. And before the sun rises, friendships will be cemented, secrets will be revealed and love will be tested

This story is light hearted and somewhat humerous. But really needs an editor's touch. Thanks again.


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