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Two Fathers


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Thanks so much for sharing that clip with us.

It brought tears of joy to my eyes... partly because I could never imagine to see that on TV in my homeland... and reminds me why I am an American EXPATRIATE .... although not an EX-PATRIOT.

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Graeme wrote:

I found this video clip referenced from another site and I thought I'd share it here, too:

I forwarded the link to a bunch of friends. Here's what I wrote in my email messages:

I was really impressed by this video clip, especially that it was actually shown on TV in the Netherlands. I can imagine the controversy if it was shown on TV in the USA. And Terence, the singer, is a very cute kid who really has two fathers and who's lucky as all get out!

Graeme, thanks so much for this link.


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Actually, it's been a very long time-too damn long but yes, I definitely feel inspired.

It has been too long. -- Write something! Please? -- Glad you're feeling inspired to scribble again. :icon10:


That truly is an awesome video, and an awesome dude and two dads.

I didn't reply much, earlier. I was still taking it all in. Dutch. A brave young guy giving a good amateur performance on TV. ...And telling about very ordinary life as a boy with two dads...something that is so extraordinary here in America, at least to most people, and rarely seen on TV.

A few months ago, a children's program on PBS that showed two moms doing ordinary things like tapping maples for syrup, was not allowed to show that episode.

I'm glad people get a chance to see "Two Fathers." -- :lipssealed: Good goin', young dude and dads! :lurker:

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Wow. Thanks for that link. It makes me proud to have been born Dutch.

The translation did have one little error, in that it said he is 'bullied' at school about it, but what he said is that he's 'teased'. A major difference in my view.

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