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Brown-Eyed Boy

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I just finished a marvelous short story in Dude's Best of NIfty section and was curious if anyone knows whether the author - Savoir-Faire - has written recent material? The only stories that are listed in the Prolific Authors section date back to '97 - '98.


Is he is still writing or still with us?

Jack :unsure:

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Alas, Jack... Over the past couple of years Story Editor TR and I have tried many times to get in touch with Savoir Faire - he stuff is SO well written and original. He has written a number of things but seems to be inactive unless he's writing under another name.

If anyone has a working email address for him, please email me.


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I have tried to contact him, too. I really admire his strong narrative voice. But he just seems to have dropped off the face of the planet. I assume Nifty would know how to contact him, but they probably can't just give away that information.

And if you like his writing, he has several others listed under Nifty's prolific authors. My favorite is the one about the surfer.

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I was the person who jumped up and down and begged "the committee" to put Brown-Eyed Boy on the list. Absolutely dynamite story. I can't find fault with any of it.

I dunno who this "Savoir Faire" guy is, but his other stories, like "Dangerboy," "Some Dumb Surfer Dude," and "Find Your Own Way" are each absolutely superb in their own way. Thoroughly professional writing from top to bottom. (I think "One Moment of Perfect Beauty" is a little maudlin, but still good.)

I like the fact that each story has characters that have flaws, characters that are believable, and are like people that we've either met before, or would like to know. The stories also go in unexpected directions, they don't fall into the cliche of being cute and cloying, and the writer always goes for a realistic ending, rather than the "happily ever after" thing I see much too often with Net fiction.

All of Savoir-Faire's stories were big influences on me when I wrote my first story about five years ago, and I still go back and re-read them from time to time. I can't recommend them more highly.

BTW, I did attempt to contact the author about six or seven years ago. According to the Nifty Archivist, many of their contributors kinda fade away, or they change their email addresses, or otherwise don't like corresponding. No matter; Savoir-Faire is still a fine writer, and I went out of my way to think him (or her) in the first online posting of my story. Terrific stuff.

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