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"Standing Up" by Cole Parker


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Agreed, a nice little story with familiar themes, updated for the 21st century. The description of working at a gas station in the mid-twentieth century was particularly nicely done. That actually was a bit before my time, but I’m old enough to remember full-service and 30 cent/gallon regular leaded gas. By the way, New Jersey doesn’t let you pump your own gas either.

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I confess I was a pump jockey for a short summer back in the 1950s and I benefited both by learning my way around cars and also by making a lot of adult friends whose cars I serviced in my small home town.  Today, here in Virginia, our city has a few stations with two rows of pumps, one for self-serve and the other full-serve.  I've found that it's a good idea to do full-serve every now and then; the local proprietors come to recognize you and take you and your car under their wing, pointing out the potential for service issues before they become big problems.  An old geezer like me appreciates that.

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