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Poetic Psychosis

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Poetic Psychosis ?

By DesDownunder

I wait,

It is done.

I have done it.

I thought about it,

I was unsure about it,

They said I should try it,

I said I would do it.

It was something I wanted to do

I promised I would do it,

And at last I did it.

Now I wait

And wait

Two minutes,

And still I wait

Waiting for it

Should I sit?

Or Should I stand?

Should I fold my arms?

Or clasp my hands?

Should I hold my breath?

How long have I waited for it?

Seems like years,

Three minutes,

It takes that long to read it,

Will they understand it?

What if no one sees it?

What if no one replies?

What will they think?

What if they think it is lies?

What if they laugh at it?

What If they hate it?

What if they think I?m a stalker?

Or something worse,

Like a slack arsed talker.

Oh no! Can I get it back?

What have I done?

I?ve done nothing wrong,

I?ll make some tea,

Bread some butter,

Wash the cat,

Feed the dishes.

Five minutes have gone by

Still no word,

No reply,

Nothing heard,

Why did I try?

Am I alone

On this planet?

Did I scare them all away?

Did I spell check it?

Is the grammar right?

Did I send it?

Did it arrive?

Six Minutes

And counting

I?m being silly,

I shouldn?t care,

It doesn?t matter.

I?ll go to bed

I can?t sleep,

It is too hot.

Is that the moon?

Or an early sunrise?

Did I offend?

I?ll delete it,

I?ll never write again

I?ll sleep on it,

And throw away my pen








Well it?s only been 6 hours,

Maybe no one has seen it.

I?ll look at the views,

Wow! Eight people looked at it.

But no reviews.







I?ll ring in sick

Not go to work

I?ll wait all day,

And even pray.

Ding ding!

A message,


Oh! It?s just the boss

Waiting for me to come in today,

He wants to know if I sent in my poem.

What reactions did I get?

Eight of the best.

Edit: inserted missing word

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I'm honestly shocked. I didn't realise you had me under surveillance. :icon13:

Sweet, sweet poem :lipssealed: and an alliterate title too, though it could have been longer ... maybe: 'pragmatically psychotic poetically poetic poet.' or not.

Did I say I like it a lot.

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We ar all under surveillance :lipssealed:

Your proposed title is very funny, and quite accurate.

Alliterate? How wonderful. Great word.


Great minds think alike, -dynamic update the actual number of views.

That actually occurred to me whilst I wrote. Too funny. :icon13:

Thanks guys.

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