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I am a Cow

Guest Gabriel Duncan

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Guest Gabriel Duncan

Yep . . . another poem. Yay. Here goes . . .

I am a Cow

Gabriel Duncan

Cut down the breaks

The chorus only bores us

Only got the words it taks

To make this whole thing porus

I see rude awakenings on each and every corner

While I study and strive to take my own life further

What a juxtaposition, from the mission I first wrot'

Haven't changed my position, only point of vision got me caught

But every time they want a quarter, for a sandwich or a rock

It makes me want to do the type of shit I always thought

Was reserved for the assholes in the suits and coats

Food not coke

Like war not peace

Everywhere around me

People stumble down the street

Too high or strung out to notice

The feces're running down his feet

But I guess it's normal now

Yeah I guess it's normal, anyhow

But doesn't it make you wish

That this ish does not exist

Don't it make you wish

You could turn your back on it

I see rude awakenings on every street corner

Insulated by newspaper, insulted by the pecking order

Wish I could believe you, too bad you look like you're coming down

Makes me not want to help you, or get to know how you got in town

Most people think it's cool, living out on polk

The kids who ran away from suburbia

Yeah, sometimes it's homophobia

But most times it's the inability to cope

So they cook on the stoops

And shoot up at half past two

You can smell it blocks away

Wafted past like huffing glue

But I guess it's normal now

Yeah, I guess it's normal, anyhow

Swatting bums slowly like a fly-smashing cow

Paranoia's got me stressing now

Watching out for the cholos

Always breathing down your back

Anywhere you go

Guess it's normal, yeah

How you watch your ass

But doesn't it make you wish

That this ish does not exist

Don't it make you wish

You could turn your back on it

But I guess this is what's normal now

Whatever normal is, anyhow

I am a cow

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Guest Gabriel Duncan

can you define "accessible"?

let's do a definition for some definitions.

I got a pm by someone. They said:

"While [your poem] is thought provoking, I am so far outside the scenes you describe that for the most part I cannot even understand what you are talking about. I simply have no terms of reference in my personal history."

ish = shit (expletive) OR "shit" (drugs) like meth . . . my friend pointed this out when I showed him this poem. so it means a little more than just a censored-style of saying "shit". i totally didn't know that until my friend said it.

rock = crack, crack rocks = smoked and shot-up

you get high, by smoking , shooting (IV), huffing (three most common forms), ingesting

heroine, black tar heroin = intravenous

a cholo is a big mexican gangster

Homeless people are EVERYWHERE. I mean, they cling to you like a fly on shit. And they're always fucked up on drugs, or fucked up insane. And they always want a quarter for a "sandwich", I mean, rock.

I hope that helps you understand this more. I've moved on. It took me two days to write this. NEXT!

OH YEAH! Polk is a notorious street in the Tenderloin in San Francisco. It's where crackheads are. Ho's, drugs and violence. There are some other places that are violent like Polk. West Oakland, Richmond, South Central. Pretty much everywhere where people are poor and aren't receiving aid.

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