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How to get a Home Page?

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Ok Time to reveal my stupidity,

Does anyone have any ideas about the best way to establish a personal web page?

I am thinking along the lines of so many other people who have a personal site where they keep their stories, poems. blogs, Views etc., open for all to visit.

Naturally I could use the local ISP's web-page service but they are coy about my "gay" content. Not that they object to anything gay in itself, blah, blah blah. but...

Then there is Yahoo but that seems somewhat impermanent or impersonal.

Seems like some providers have legal requirements and rules that are then forgotten or not enforced.

What does anyone think about all this.

I am confused and would be grateful for any input. :icon1:

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Assuming you have some skills in web design or have somebody to help you... just apply for a domain of your choice -if untaken- and then get the simplest and cheapest hosting package. We use www.godaddy.com. While the yahoos and others offer an easier way to get started, they seem kind of impersonal and you'll have a blast learning how to do it all yourself. If you have microsoft word, you can get started pretty easily.

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Ok Time to reveal my stupidity,

Does anyone have any ideas about the best way to establish a personal web page?

To start, I might suggest Tripod (free) so you can muck around and see if it holds your interest for awhile. If it still does, I might suggest a relatively enlightened ISP (photon.net) with decent support.

For my personal page (I have several due to bandwidth) I have nearly 100 unique pages with tons of information on a variety of topics. I have pictures, text, rants, my blog, downloads, phpbb boards, and more.

A lot depends on your specific desires and your technical savvy.

I really do encourage you to start free before going into any financial situation. I read a stat somewhere that over 1/2 of all people give up on their web pages within 6 months. I secretly suspect it's related to the fact everyone expects traffic, feedback, and interaction and are gravely dissapointed when it doesn't materialize.

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I don't know a lot about wikis but my two cents would be to sign up for a blogger account. That way you can publish text and photos and also have sections for poetry etc.


and the help files look quite comprehensive:



If you want to buy a www address, they are not expensive. Then you need web space - again not expensive and often if you get yearly space you get the name for free - and it's really yours ... though do check the small print.

www.desdownunder.com is taken - by a brit living in Australia, but all the rest are available. of course then you need to learn a bit of html or get an editor. Lots out there though.


I wouldn't go near Yahoo, or any of the 'free' web site places. they always intrude in some way, either with popup ads or framed pages.


Or if you just want to blog why not use the blog that the Dude has given us. It's really good, and you can have pictures, and categories as well - for poetry for instance. It's pretty much like Blogger really, except you don't have your own address.

If you need any help when you decide what you want to do please ask.


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Wow! you are all so cool. Thanks for the help guys, you have given me much to think about.

I did have a web page with my previous ISP a couple of years ago which I did with Frontpage.

Had a lot of fun with it. I wanted to do a bit more this time though.

I will probably wait till our Christmas holidays here before I do anything else.

I will use the time to investigate all your great suggestions.

"desdownunder.com" is taken? Who do I sue? :w00t::icon1::w00t::w00t::lol::lol:

Just kidding.

Thanks again guys err, dudes. :lol:

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