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New Internet Explorer 7 from Microsoft

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For all those who care about such things, here is the download page for the new Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.


I tried it and it works. Installed on my machine without problems.

It has Tabs! Wow! :icon11: (Yawn). :icon1:

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I just re-discovered the F11 key which makes IE 7 go to Full Screen.

This is not new in it self, but if you move the mouse to the top of the screen the Tabs and the address bars move down into position and you can choose another tabbed page or new address. Then they rise up out of the way again.

Hitting F11 again restores the toolbars to normal. You can also put an icon for Full Screen on the Command bar from the customize options.

This is great for reading stories and poems full screen etc. :icon11:

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