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I Devise my own Demise

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I Devise my Own Demise Part One

By: Jason R.

I remember that first day we met

I was sitting on the porch

A cigarette dangling from my mouth

A Molson Canadian in my hand

You were there with your friend

A female and an attractive one

I thought what a waste

You were silent as she spoke to me

Inquiring about the room for rent

But I only had eyes for you

You made my pulse quicken

My thoughts scattered like the wind

From your intense emerald gaze

An instant connection we shared

I sent her inside to speak to the landlord

You remained outside with me

You asked for a cigarette

Though you claimed you were trying to quit

A small wicker bench

You sat down beside me

Our legs touching?electric

As we talked and smoked in the sun

I became fascinated by your lips

Or perhaps your entire mouth

And each time you laughed

A sound so infectious

You drew me in with fits of giggles

It was instant between us

For over an hour we sat on that porch

Comfortable like two old friends chatting

Yet all to soon it was time for you to go

For you lived in Pittsburgh

And I lived in Harrisburg

So we said a sad goodbye

And I watched you walk away

I thought I would never see you again

Such sadness from a random encounter

How gay was I sitting there

Watching the most interesting guy walk away

Without asking for a phone number

And email address or anything

I only knew your name?John

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