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Libera Boys Choir

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Des wrote; Have you heard Aled Jones singing "All Through The Night"?

Des, if you like Alled Jones I don't think you'll like this.


Mountain Dude's link is wonderful btw.

Hugz from Rick

Whoa! I must be missing something here. The Mountain Dude link took me to a Youtube clip called "Libera-Aled Jones" and yet you say you liked the above link but dislike Aled? :icon1:

if you include kids or animals, you can't go wrong (old Hollywood maxim).

Yes, well, as a colonial cretin :icon11: that enjoys over-the-top Hollywood production values, I guess I have to admit that Aled's rendition of "All Through The Night" is very much in that tradition. Bu to me so was the above Youtube link.

Frankly, if I worried about Aled's or any artists' egotistical view of themselves I would have very little entertainment in my life.

But let's not squabble about our musical preferences I am happy to co-exist with our different appreciations. :icon1::icon1:

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