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Taming the Phobes


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Taming the Phobes - by Joel

That might explain why those college cadets I knew had such friendly, pleased grins on their shaved-tail selves!

Amid the fun and frolics of the story, he almost snuck in an interesting point or two. Being in love or being buddies with benefits. Several points on how people are treated and how false assumptions can be. A few points on how talking with friends can help cure your issues. Say, I wonder if any of those might be applicable to anyone? :roll:

Did anyone raise a "salute?" j/k

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I thoroughly enjoyed this tale! Military life... even for a conscriptee can be pretty grim... but these guys actually enlisted for it...

The humor with which the author handles the whole thing and the way he treats his characters makes this a fun tale. And we all enjoy when the villain get's his 'just desert' in the er... end, don't we?


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I'm a longstanding fan of Joel's stories and this one stands up well in the canon.  Good "pick from the past."

I was never clear about Jake's involvement in the special assignment.  Also, is the Andrew who is with Jake in the end the same Andrew that the narrator had a crush on earlier?  (I'm assuming yes.)



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