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Living (then and now)

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Living (then to now)

By: Jason R.

John ran with a dangerous crowd

A cocaine abuser liked punk music too loud

Said he didn?t give a shit about who he?s fucking

Jason tried to be the all-American boy next door

Did everything his father told him but he yearned for more

He wasn?t satisfied because his life wasn?t living

Then Jason looked to find a different thing

He started searching for the one to make his heart sing

He had this rebel heart looking for a restless soul

And John was just the boy to make him lose control

Jason and John made this dangerous pair

Did lines upon lines and they did it on a dare

Spent the time on their backs earning the pay

Had it all figured it out despite what friends might say

And if you asked them why, they just called it living

Jason started dealing coke out of their sixth floor flat

While John had a bed like a revolving welcome mat

These two addicts clinging to long rails of white

They were burning both ends sun and moon light

And they couldn?t tell they were just existing

A trick got rough and John did what he could

Went out and stole a gun but it didn?t do any good

After swearing to Jason he wouldn?t take any more

He went and found that trick and raised his 44

Now ten years later Jason?s in the city by the bay

Looking back on a life with nothing to say

There are times he can?t feel truly alive

And sometimes caresses his roommates 45

But in the end he knows he has to keep living

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