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Finding the How

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Finding the How

By: Jason R.

This old man names Rogers

Lived on the Penn State side of town

Everyone felt he never had much to say

But at night he scribbled amazing words down

All the kids they?d all stop and stare

When that old man passed their way

And me I was just this face in the crowd

Until I finally got the nerve to say

Tell me what it takes to write with fire

Tell me what it takes to keep it real

He said there was no secret

That I had to just convey what I feel

So if I?d ever want to be good

I?d have to write with no fear

So I went back to my deepest fears

And worked through storm and thunder

And when I began pouring out the pain

I understood this spell I was under

And when that old man read my stuff

He stared right into my expectant eyes

Declaring I have what it takes to be a writer

And that my words would one day light up the sky

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